The Aress power harrow models possess a frame pipe, which is upstream of the tank and so the deformation stability is increased enormously. Furthermore the tank is protected from damages by this frame pipe.
The poser harrows are very easy pulling.
For tractors up to 95 kW (130 HP) max.


Easy pulling

Perfection in detail

  • The connection of the toothed wheels and rotor shaft is free from float by conical tooth system.
  • Cover discs of the bearings protect the toothed wheels from foreign particles.
  • Big distances of bearing are due to a solid bearing of the rotors.
  • Stable bearing by screwed bearing carrier.
  • Round knife holder (stone denying).
  • The easy pulling of the models is due to the phase adjustment of the blades and the amount of the rotors.
  • 12 tines at 3 m and 10 tines at 2,5 m
  • Good mixing up and crumbling of the soil.
  • Working without vibration
  • Very easeful running.
  • All models are equipped with p.t.o. shaft, p.t.o shaft on the rear and interchangeable gear wheel.
  • The interchangeable gear wheel and the driving toothed wheel are working in oil – the bearing and the toothed wheel are immediately lubricated, also in cold condition.
  • Depth adjustment of the rear levelling bar runs infinitely by spindle and depth scale.
  • Side plates hinged

pic. KSE 5000 M-HK

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