The Regent Tukan model in construction with 3 beams has been developed to an all-rounder in the soil cultivation due to its high amount of possibilities of application.

The application of the Tukan covers the flat stubble cultivation as well as the deep, intensive mixing up of the soil structure.

The working depth of this universal cultivator Tukan can be adjusted from 6 to 30 cm and with the share system MSG (mulch share leg) and a frame height of 81 cm a total blockage free working is ensured.

Depth guidance

  • Simple depth adjustment, easy to reach with hole plate.
  • Working depth adjustment from 6 to 30 cm with socket pin.
  • The working distance of the after running tool is limited to the bottom, that is why the weight of the after running tool can be used for the better move-in of the cultivator and it contributes for a lateral depth adjustment.


  • At change of the working depth the levelling discs are adjusted automatically.
  • Adjustment of the discs infinitely variable
  • Best levelling by springed parallelogram suspension of the discs.
  • Hollow discs ø 460 mm notched




  • Optimal mixing effect and crushing of the soil structure
  • Big framework height (80 cm) for working-in of organic material without problems.
  • Fully cutting of the soil fast changing wing system for the mulch seed.
  • Hardened leg with shearing safety device.



Various possibilities of the share systems with fast changing attachment make the Tukan to an all-round machine.

Cutting the whole area and mixing with the fast changing wing share  or deep loosening and mixing only with the share top and
the inside-guide-plate.

Optionally the Tukan can be equipped with the well known double heart shares.

The bended legs with the straight or twisted (optionally) inside-guide-plates ensure the best mixing effect also in the case of a high amount of crop residues – these plates also ensure the easy pulling of the Tukan.


Tukan „non-stop“

  • Safe triggering and quick pulling in of the tines -  power running at the lowest resistance.
  • Big evasive possibility upwards. 
    approx. 25cm (option 30cm)
  • Shearing bolts serve for additional safety.
  • Tine guidance on both sides  –  high stability.

System hydraulic

  • Releasing pressure adjustable  from the tractor.
  • The pressure can always be checked from the tractor by means of a monometer.

System mechanic

  • Stable spiral spring with „spring in spring system“ for a high pressure of the tines  also for heavy soils and for a long life time.


The Tukan DSG
in the 4 beams

The Tukan DSG in the 4 beams version is suitable for middle to heavy soils at a working depth of approximately 10 to 28 cm.

The cultivator sticks with the double heart shares with a spacing in strokes of 20 cm, partitioned to 4 beams, enable an optimal mixing effect of the soil structure.

The Tukan 4 beams models have a frame height of 81 cm to avoid blockages also at big crop residues.


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