The universal cultivator can be used for various uses.
The main focus of use is the flat soil cultivation with a good loosening effect and mixing up of the soil structure.


  • The Terrakan-models are available as a three-point-linkage machine with a working width in 3 / 4,5 / 5 and 6 meters.
  • The serially mounted Spring-tine (70x12) is mounted on 4 beams with a spacing in strokes of 15 cm.
  • The Spring-tines are mounted with changing-shares and can
    optionally be equipped with broad shares.

Working depth from 4 cm to 15 cm

  • for a flat stubble cultivation with optimal distribution of straw
  • for the seeding bed preparation as fine cultivator for
    mechanical combat of weeds

The primary use of the Terrakan

  • loosening and ventilating of the soils in spring
  • working in of liquid manure and fertilizers
  • second stubble cultivation for mulch seed
  • seed bed preparation after ploughing



As of 4,50 m working width the Terrakan models are set up in two flap pieces via a central hydr. cylinder for the transport on the road.

In open position the flap pieces are interlocked with a hydr. cylinder via a control block and additionally mechanically; then the transport width is approx. 2,5 m.

Stable tube frame construction in 4 beams with a long three-point-support in the back ensures high quality and a long life time.

Stable hitch with cat. II (825 mm) bolts ø28 mm or ø36 mm or optionally double hitch with cat. II and cat. III (825 and 965 mm)

Rubber support wheels 18x8,5-8 (460 mm) can be mounted optionally for an even better evenly depth guidance.

These are recommended for working
widths as of 5 m.

The support wheels are easily adjustable in depth.

The levelling bar is recommended for the smoothing of the soil bank (after ploughing).

The levelling bar is mounted via the whole working width.

Adjustment in depth via spindle.

Levelling bar

Hydraulically adjustable and multifunctional levelling bar

Shears frozen harvest residues and puts them in working direction

  • Tines

    • The Spring-tines 70x12 mm are serially mounted with changing shares on 4 beams with a spacing in strokes of approx. 15 cm.
    • Duck-foot-shares can be mounted optionally instead of the changing shares for a complete mixing up.
    • duck-foot-share B 200 x 6 mm
    • The broad share V 200 x 7 mm is a strong version of the duck-foot share with a considerably longer life time.
    • The complete mixing up of the soil structure is especially used by bio farmers for the combat of weeds.
  • Single roller crumbler - tube flat beam roller tiller „combi-mix“

    • very good mixing effect by the combination of tube and flat beam (ø 400 mm)
    • also available as tube roller tiller for stony soils
  • Double roller tiller

    • Very good mixing effect can be achieved by a combi-roller and
      reconsolidation of the soil by a cage roller.
    • Different diameter of both rollers (in the front ø 450 mm and in the back ø 410 mm)
    • counter-rotating direction of the bar of the front and back roller
    • Exact depth guide and solidification through double supporting surface and pendulum mounting
  • Ring roller ø600mm with wipe baulk and cleaning bar

    • very good resolidification – optimal soil for self-sown grain and weed
    • good crumbling and cleaning of the roller tillers by wipe knifes between the rings
    • Well - suited for mulch seed (no blockages)
    • wipe baulk in the back

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