Mechanic and hydraulic
non-stop stone safety device
for ploughing on stony soils.

All plough models
EuroStar / Titan / Taurus
can be equipped with the “non-stop system”



The mechanic
stone safety device

  • Simple adjustment of the releasing pressure over the check screw.
  • Stone safety device elements hanged in front are pressed into the bearing during ploughing.
  • The four supporting points allow a knock free release, and a quick and powerful re-penetration of the body.
  • Big clearance towards the top and side-wards.
  • Pre-working tools are removed automatically with the plough bodies.

Additional advantages of the hydraulic stone safety device system

  • Releasing pressure adjustable from 50 bar up to 180 bar from the tractor.
  • Can be locked on very hard grounds.
  • The pressure can always be checked from the tractor by means of a monometer.
  • Safety device element can switch to all directions (also angular).
  • No side force on the plough beams.
  • Highest durability through course of force to the smallest resistance.
  • Guidance of plough beam on both sides – high stability.
  • The bow shape of the plough beam brings a favourable position of centre of gravity
  • Shearing screws serve for an additional safety.

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