The generation of power harrows Orbit provides an optimal mixing and crumbling of the soil for the seedbed preparation on ploughed or not ploughed areas. The headstock with lateral support and the front frame make sure highest stability and protect the gear tank from deformation.

The amount of the rotors and the phase adjustment of the blades enable the Orbit to be an easy pulling power harrow.


Blades fast changing system

Perfection in detail

  • Gear tank made of fine grained steel with doubled thickness on the floor of the tank.
  • Thickness of the tank at Orbit M 6 + 6 mm / Orbit S 8 + 8 mm
  • Tooth profile cogging of the toothed wheels provides highest durability. The applied load on drive mechanism is absorbed by the convex form of the toothed wheels and the big dimensioned upper tapered rollers.
  • The bearing case is made of one part which provides an optimal fit of bearing and shaft bearing.
  • Big dimensioned taper roller bearing resist also lateral load.
  • The fixing of the blades is easy to maintain by a double nut plate.
  • The blades are arranged shuffled.

  • Special hardened rotors and blades holder.
  • Special labyrinth glands with support rings provide highest security (leak tightness).
  • Blades with phase adjustment made of hardened boron steel.
  • Dimension: 12 x 300 at mod: M16 x 330 at mod: S
  • The models Orbit M and S can be equipped with the fast changing system if required.
  • The blades are fixed with a clamping plate and interlocked with a clip pin.
  • Blades can be changed easily and quickly.
  • The clip pin is protected against pollution by the clamping plate.



  • New gear drive technique with a access which is set back.
  • Extended drive shaft – short bending – enables longer durability and absolute calm running.
  • p.t.o. fixed drive and interchangeable gear with additional gear set in series.

Stone deflector

  • Welded stone deflectors in series.
  • Compact stone protection optionally available (pic.).

Depth adjustment

  • The power harrow can be operated rigid in depth (roller is locked) – or it can avoid on high at unevenness irrespective of the roller in shuttling position.
  • The dept adjustment runs with a perforated grid and socket pin.

Flatten beam

  • The deflector is available in series at all Orbit models and can be adjusted infinitely in height with spindles.
  • The deflector can be delivered in the front optionally.

hydr. mounting pieces
with 2 cylinders and

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