With the seed machine RSM-V advantageous techniques and experiences were realized.

With the compact mounting on the power harrow and the seed tank which is moved in the front the advantages in technique as weight distribution and low filling height were involved.

A precise seed deposition is
the requirement for high yield.

Exact quantity control in combination with
the new step cell wheel.

The new double seed plates with depth control for pressure rolls

  • A big diameter of 305 mm of the plates and the lateral pressing enable a secure drive of the double seed plate, also at light soil conditions.
  • The seed plate pairs are staggered to each other and so avoid a blockage. To work with the Regent double seed plate is a big advantage also at crop residues or mulch seed.
  • In combination with the depth pressure rolls it is able to achieve a precise seed deposition.
  • The rubber pressure rolls enable an immediate close of the soil after seed deposition and so the process of germination is considerably accelerated.
  • At a pressure of 35 kg per double seed plate it is able to work at higher speed also at changing soil conditions. Simple and tool-free adjustment of the depth of deposition per grid.


with spring pressure adjustment


  • The drift-shares are an approved share system for all purposes for conventional cultivation of different field crops.
  • The casting key mounted in front on the drift-share can be replaced easily in case of abrasion.
  • The backwards mounted butterfly avoids blockages of the seed key, e.g.: rolling backwards at the headland.

The new stepless VARIO – gear

  • This includes a 3-step-cam-lever system, which cares for highest precision at seeding.
  • Seeding amounts from 1,5 – 300 kg can be put down steplessly and precisely on the fields.
  • The lever of the VARIO- gear is fixed after the adjustment of the right position and can not be unfixed independently through vibrations.

The new combined slanted chamber

  • With the new combined slanted chamber with fine drilling wheel all seeds like crop, grain legumes, green manuring mixtures, clover or fine seeds as canola, phacelia, biogas millet seed, clover and poppy seed can be sowed exactly.
  • Through the closed body of the step chambers the seed is deposited always in the same amount independent of vibrations, hillside situations or speed. The advantage is the considerably better lateral distribution per line and a better position spreading of the plants.
  • Seed can be economized and the power of impact and the economic efficiency increased.
  • For fine seeds the fine drilling wheel is lifted of the combined slanted chamber.
  • The seed tank

    • The seed tank is offered in different dimensions.
    • The dividing walls enable high stability and avoid from shifting of the seed at crosswise working.
    • Keys between the outlets avoid remaining quantities in the seed tank.
    • Forward opening seed tank cover for filling with loader.
  • Easiest mounting and dismounting of the drilling machine

    • By the hitching system the Seedstar can easily get connected to or disconnected from the power harrow.
  • Single straw weeder

    • Tines are mounted on the pressure roll to enable simple smearing over of the seed rill.
      (from light to average soils)
  • Seed weeder

    • The seed weeder is equipped with springed double tines and 2 hinged stages.
  • The agitator shaft

    • The agitator shaft is mounted serially in the seed tank of all Seedstar models
  • Disc to mark the track

    • The discs to mark the track run hydraulically and can be folded vertically for transport.
      (adjustable infinitely in width)
  • Marker for the track before the seed is bearing

    • Controlled hydraulically via Seedtron track appliance.
    • The mounting happens in connection with the hinged stages.
    • Infinitely adjustment of the track.
  • Seedstar with wheel  movement

    • For the solo running of the Seedstar  we offer a wheel movement as option.
    • Thereby it is possible to couple the  Seedstar directly on the tractor or  also on the hydraulic mounting arms of the power harrow.
    • With the wheel movement the drilling  machine is universally insertable.
  • Hydr. spurs wheel lifting

    • Recommendable for the power harrow without mounted set-up drill machine.
    • Spurs wheel lifting is combined with the share automatic
  • Spurs wheel drive

    • Big dimensioned spurs wheel with pre-load to the ground, cares for constant drive and avoids slippage.
  • The calibration trial

    • After adjustment of the machine according to the seed index the calibration trial can easily be arranged.
    • The monitor Seedtron does the counting and in the end you can hear a “stop” signal.
    • The two tanks for the calibration trial can be easily folded down and with the crank handle the calibration trial can be operated.
  • The monitor Seedtron

    The monitor is equipped with a

    magnet in the back and is mounted

    in sight in the tractor cabin.

    Through the Seedtron monitor following functions can be triggered or controlled.

    • Machine track gear shift with optional adjustable rhythms.
    • HA-numerator with planimetry functions of the single acreage and total acreage.
    • Speed control of the moving shaft.
    • Filling level indicator.
    • Working speed indicator.
    • Calibration trial with “stop” signal.
    • Switching of the working lights
    • Integrated seeding scale
    • guided machine adjustment adapted to the respective fruit variety
    • performance control hectare per hour
    • display and keyboard illumination
  • Semi-mounted on the roller

    • The working depth of the power harrow can be adjusted autonomously from the seeding machine and the roller.
    • If the seeding machine is mounted on the roller, the tines can be conserved at stony soils.
    • Re- solidification and crumbling are reinforced obviously through the displacing of the weight to the roller.
    • This enables a more evenly seeding depth, protects from erosion and leachates and results in higher production!

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