The new seedbed combinations TerraStar bring optimal preconditions for a perfect seedbed.

The Regent TerraStar with working widths from 4 to 8 m is the guarantor for optimal levelling and crumbling with high area performance.

The final location locking technology on the main frame and parallel
guided depth guidance of the different harrow sections care for
a constant depth of the seed and stimulate the germinating.




The crumbling double rollers with corrugated flat bars care for a good crumbling and a seed meeting soil strengthening. Big dimensioned ball bearings on the crumbling rollers care for a long durability. By the suspension of the rollers in the middle a constant distribution of pressure is reached. Diameter of crumbling roller in front 320 mm and backwards 260 mm.


Parallel guided harrow sections care for an exact depth guidance.
According to soil structure different tine shapes can be chosen.
Big advantage especially in maize and beets seeding. Working depth adjustment simple with socket pin over hole locking disc.





The springed levelling bars level the surface over the whole working width also on big roughness (e. g. tractor tracks …) Working depth adjustment infinitely variable.




System Exakta

All TerraStar models can be equipped additionally with a

pre-crumbling roller tiller = Exakta.

The system TerraStar – Exakta from Regent enables the seed preparation according to soil structure in only one crossing. By the pre-crumbling roller tiller a even finer crumbling and more constant working depth can be reached. The advantage  –  air and thermal promote the germinating, especially for fine seeds as sugar beets and rape.

For each soil structure the right tine.

The harrow sections can be equipped according to soil constitution with different tines.

All tines are made of high quality welded materials. Spring tines, culture harrow tines and JP-culture harrow tines are additionally equipped with wear proof changing shares.

Gare harrow tines 26x10x280 mm

  • 5 rows, spacing of strokes 56 mm
  • for flat working of the seedbed, also suitable for stony soils.

Spring tine 32x10x295 mm

  • 4 rows, spacing of strokes 90 mm
  • 5 rows, spacing of strokes 56 mm
  • Constant loosening effect through vibration for flat seedbed preparation,
    also suitable for stony soils.

Culture harrow tines 32x10x410 mm

  • 4 rows, spacing of strokes 100 mm
  • for deep working


Culture tines JP 32x12x410 mm straight

  • in 4 rows, spacing of strokes 100 mm
  • in 5 rows, spacing of strokes 65 mm

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