Different possibilities enable highest economic efficiency.

  • The new short combination Solistar – as a substitute for the power harrow and the seed bed combination.
  • The advantage of this machine is the very short and compact construction, which requires little lifting power by the tractor.
  • A stable headstock ensures a safe mounting of the seeding machine.
  • The tine section in 2 or 3 rows with changing tines or broad shares enables good crumbling and mixing of the soil structure.
  • Variably a levelling bar can be mounted in the front or rear for consistently levelling.
  • For light to medium-heavy soils the seeding speed and the acreage output can be considerably increased with this combination.
  • The rollers can be chosen optionally and be adjusted to the seeding line of the seeding machine.
  • Packer roller

    Packer roller

    • Good solidification and depth lead.
    • Low lying scraper adjustable
    • For different types of soils, easy or weighty.
  • Crumbling packer roller

    Crumbling packer roller

    • Deep solidification due to the angled teeth.
    • Leaves crumby surface structure
    • Suitable for heavy loamy soils and hillside locations
  • Ripple roller

    Ripple roller

    • Good solidification and fine crumby earth in the area of seed deposition ensure good germination.
    • Blockage-free working – the roller doesn’t run on the inner tube, but on the wave profile
    • The wave profile is aligned to the seeding line.
    • For middle to heavy soils and good for wet soils.

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