There were the normal cultivators reach their limits, the Orkan provide an intensive mixing of the soil also under difficult conditions.

Especially at a low working depth from 3 to 12 cm, the whirlwind from Regent shows its power. In contrast to rigid tools, at the Orkan, big rotating concave discs and the open frame construction with big spaces, are responsible for a work without blockages.

Advantages of the Orkan power harrow

  • Compact construction
  • Big ground clearance of 80cm
  • Strong frame construction of two bars and square
    tubing of 100x100mm.
  • serially with stable pocket hitch
  • good pull in performance by an optimal angle of the discs
  • Easy to pull and big scalloped concave discs with 615 x 6 mm diameter.
  • Intensive mixing of residues and soil even at shallow working depth.
  • No blocking because of rotating tools
  • Big area performance because of high working speed.
  • The block clapping (as of 4 m) ensures safe transport despite bigger working widths.
  • Work is also possible transport position
  • Through the mounted waggon a considerate transport is enabled for the tractor.
  • transport width 3 m (transport width for Orkan 4000 and 4500 2,55 m)

Overload safety device

  • Single sprung disc elements are protecting against damages
  • Spring loaded elements are responsible for an even and
    flat working depth.
  • Optimal guidance of the beam because of tension on the disc elements
  • Stabilising the units sideways with pressed guidance plates
  • Big clearance above, unit can move upwards



Interlocking fixing system

  • all hydraulic foldable power harrows are equipped with en interlocking fixing system.
  • This fixing system prevents outer sections from coming up in working position.
  • The machine is rigid over the whole width.



  • Permanent lubrication
  • No maintenance
  • High tensile taper roller bearings
  • castle nut saved against torsion
  • Easy moving with very little wear.
  • Special sealing against dirt and moisture

Hydraulic depth adjustment

  • Variably modification of the working depth during the run through locking block system
  • The depth adjustment is additionally albe to modificate without tool kit through punched grid





Border put in discs

  • Notched border put in disc (1 + 2) enables an optimal connection – also for the seedbed preparation (optionally)

Guide plate & guide rubber beam

  • The new guide plate (3) and the guide rubber beam (4) (as option) ensure an even better straw management.
  • The essential advantage of these new beams is the better straw deposition between the first and second disc row.
  • The crop residues (maize etc.) are always put down under the after run roller tiller.

Regent plough factory Ltd.