The proved technology of the mounted reversible ploughs (EuroStar, Titan) in connection with a semi-mounted chassis.

Because of this combination the simple adjusting technology also is held on the Taurus semi-mounted reversible ploughs.

Advantages of 
Taurus plough technique

Safety in function and stability result
in a high area performance.

  • At ploughing from 6- up to 9-furrows the track of the wheel is almost entirely ploughed by the last plough bodies. Thereby an exact ploughing to the end of the field or ploughing to hindrances is possible.
  • As the transport wheel is fitted fairly in front, less space is needed when turning at the end of the field. Cutting width infinitely variable from 33 up to 55 cm per plough body.
  • The required cutting width is always hydraulically set in connection with the 1st plough body.
  • At the same time all the pre-cutting tools, like skimmers and coulters, as well as the transport wheel are placed in the right position.
  • universal joint set far in the front and an infinitely adaptation to the width of the tractor enable a small turning radius
  • The semi-mounted plough is turned over two great dimensioned hydraulic rams actuated and free of stroke
  • A strong headstock with great dimensioned universal joints
  • infinite cutting width adjustment of the first body
  • No tollerance of the traction point due to the parallel shifting.
  • The anlge of inclination is adjustable independent of both plough sides.
  • infinite working depth adjustment

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