At the Regent Titan Variable the wanted working width can be adjusted hydraulically during the drive from the tractor seat, whereby the front furrow and the traction point can be adapted automatically.

At the same time all pre-tools, disc-coulters and the depth wheel can be adjusted automatically.

Advantages of the
Titan plough technology

The perfect solution –
the CX adjustment center

Advantages of the
Titan bearing technology

  • Hydraulic working width adjustment per plough body.
  • Optimal adaptation of the working width for different kinds of soil and land.
  • The right working width for each furrow (small seed furrow up to the broad autumn furrow).
  • Simple ploughing of  wedge areas or obstacles.

Simple adjusting for easy pulling ploughing

  • Infinitely variable first furrow width adjustment of the first body with the C – spindle.
  • Light adaptation to the different tractor tracks.
  • No change of the traction point cause of the parallel shift.
  • The traction point adjustment with the X – spindle cares for an ploughing free of side pulling.
  • The traction point indicator secureds an optimal and light adjustment(independent from the first furrow width adjustment)
  • The inclination angle is adjustable independently from both plough sides. „1“
  • On cutting width change during the work the traction point is adjusted automatically.
    (No creeping of the draft link resp. of the upper link to right or left)
  • Greasing bearing pins, and the throughout bush secures a long durability.
  • No additional drill holes for the frame reinforcement
  • Each additional drill hole in the frame is a loss in stability.
  • Few but great dimensioned links.
  1. Greasing bearing pin
  2. Throughout bush with grease channel
  3. Thick frame profile all models at least 10 mm
  4. Grease chamber with connection to the grease channel
  5. Additional strengthening of the frame in the area of borings

Ploughing free of  side pull

On each working width

Memory cylinder „2“

Hydr. frame turning draw in


 as of 5 furrows)

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